Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can we just get over it??? He's American - even if he isn't an American like you...

I've been letting this stew for awhile, but then I go to Gawker and see Tea Party members being douchebags AND Donald Trump being a douchebag AND Birthers being douchebags... (Hey! A Trifecta!)

You may think he is some sort of Kenyan Socio-nationalist anti-imperialist muslim, but he is a Christian (maybe not your kind of Christian...) born in Hawaii! Regardless - even if he was born in Kenya, His mom was an American citizen, ipso facto, he is a Natural Born Citizen...

He may be doing stuff that people don't like, but he WON THE ELECTION! (by the biggest margin since Clinton '96)

As for Trump, I keep waiting for someone to pull a Joe Wilson... "You Lie!"

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