Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Disappointed at the mall

I know. It isn't hard to be disappointed at the mall...

I was about to comment on lots of folks spending about $6 to get 1000-1500 calories in order to support their beliefs... but I am too disappointed right now.

I took my son to his tae kwon do class at the mall and to do my walking. I was impressed (but not surprised) by the number of folks supporting CFA. The line was 50-60 deep the whole time. Seeing as we are in Enid, it was to be expected. And, to make it clear, while I disagree with the corporate beliefs of CFA, I think it is great that their supporters came out. That is to say until we left...

The disappointment kicked in when, on our way out, I saw 20-something guy in the line wearing a T-shirt on which he had written out John 3:16. I don't take issue with that so much as his modification of the verse. He had a line through "the world" and inserted "straight people".
For God so loved the world Straight People, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
He may have changed something else - that was all I caught in my attempt to get to the door.

If the mall didn't have two security guys right there making sure no one took any pictures, I'd be sharing the joy.

During this whole CFA deal, I have been concerned, surprised, and, at times, amused. This is the first time that I have been disappointed by the actions taken by anyone (besides public figures).

I know that this guy does not represent all (most) Christians. I suspect that this guy would also not have worn this shirt in public without the belief (correct or not) that everyone around him agrees.

I am most disappointed in myself in that I did not point out his 'correction' and inform him that not everyone agrees with him.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he wasn't there representing the people that support Dan Cathy's right to express his views. I've been to various Tea Party events and lately liberal people have tried to infiltrate the gathering. They carried outrageous signs with the expressed intent to paint the entire movement as right wing zealots. At first they were successful because the media (including bloggers) would immediately point to them as an example of the entire movement. I was at 5 different Chick-Fil-A yesterday for several hours and talked to hundreds of smiling people. Very few spoke directly about the controversy and talked about the weather, sports, and their families. Just like you, maybe the other people may have been disappointed they that did not point it out or correct him. Maybe they weren't scared to say something. Maybe they simply learned to not confront people like that because they recognized why he was there and didn't want to give him the honor of leading the 11 pm news.

Liberal Gun Guy said...

Thanks for commenting!

I thought about this as well.

However, the town in which this took place is a rhinestone on the buckle of the bible belt. I have heard it referred to as "a city of churches" for good reason.

I can see something like what you suggest occurring in a larger city, but not here where so many people know each other. Besides, the smug look on his face was one of "I'm right", not "I can't wait for someone to call me on this so I can make a scene."

Anonymous said...

You've made my point. He was there not to support Dan Cathy's right to express his views. He did not go there with the belief everyone around him agrees...he went with the specific intent to confront, intimidate, and cause a scene.
It seems the social requirement on personal views about this subject has somehow evolved from tolerance, to acceptance, to absolute and complete compliance with no disagreement allowed...or else.

Liberal Gun Guy said...

I'm confused now.

Are you saying he was a lefty-infiltrator or a righty-instigator?

Either way, I disagree with what he did. Either he is attempting to sarcastically imitate them so they look bad or he is so far to the extreme anti-gay that he actually does make them look bad.

The other folks in line, while I disagree with them, have every right to be there to support their cause. I applaud them for doing it.