Friday, October 31, 2014

So. I have lots of interests...

Here is another: Theater

Some of my earliest musical experiences involved pit bands for two different high school productions of Fiddler on the Roof and a run of Guys and Dolls (I can still say almost all of the lines along with either). One of my sisters was in Oklahoma and a couple other shows. Throw on the usual attendances at Shakespeare productions and a viewing of the 1980s televised production of Mister Roberts and you have someone who has a healthy respect for the stage. I haven't had a chance to tread the boards, yet, but there is always time.



Something that comes out of knowing people and letting them in on who you are is the opportunities that arise when you share mutual interests.

Some folks I know have been involved in the local theater for quite a while. And, as you likely know, I work at a museum. In the name of cooperation and mutually beneficial partnership, we partnered with the theater to run a production of The Rainmaker. As a known nerd of the music, A/V, and technology variety, I was asked to run the PA as a favor.

A couple great weeks later and I was hooked (and a known entity).

Down the Rabbit Hole

I don't even think it was a month later I received a phone call asking if I was free over the dates of a run of August: Osage County. After checking my schedule (poorly, as it turned out) and with my better half, I accepted.

Two weeks into my participation - a week of tech runs and 4 of the 6 performances - and I definitely see more involvement in the future.

The Upshot

During this last two weeks, I compiled a list of observations (see number 7). Take from them what you will. Keep in mind that I am an outsider starting to move inside. Catch me in a year and I may take issue with some of this myself.
  1. The play (like the book) is often better than the movie.
  2. Spending three hours in a dark room isn't the best thing to do if you are tired...
  3. No two performances are the same.
  4. No two audiences are the same.
  5. Forgetting to unmute an audio channel is only funny after it is fixed...
  6. Watching the WHOLE CAST eat fried chicken and apple pie during the whole run while you watch them from the booth brings on an interesting response...
Sorry. This is the only pic you get - no GIFs for you! 

  1. Sixteen pages without a light or audio cue make Dave a dull boy...
  2. It's pretty cool being in the category of "Authorized Person"
  3. It's neat when you receive the head tilt people give when they learn that you do this and they never suspected.
  4. It's fun to watch actors relearn a part on the stage as they interact with the space, lights, and audience
  5. Watching actors pick themselves up when they realize they borked a cue, line, or mark can be a good light on their character.
  6. Watching audience members attempt to sneak in after a missed intermission also shine light on their character...

All in all, it has been a fun couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to more.