Monday, December 24, 2012

All Things Christmassy

Is that a word?

Even given the insanity that was the NRA's response to Newtown, I can't bring myself to comment on it at this time. Instead, I will focus on the season and a conversation at work this last week.

As with a lot of folks, we had a Christmas potluck at work. During it, we had a discussion of favorite Christmas music, movies, etc. A few of my choices were out there and a bit non-traditional. In order to enlighten, I'll offer the following lists for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Favorite Music: 

My favorite traditional Christmas song will always It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, the Nat King Cole version. This one has a special meaning to me as I will always think of my Grandpa Al walking around the house whistling the title phrase with his Characteristic emphasis on the last two syllables. Christmas to me has always, for some reason, brought back memories of my Grandpa Al's rather than memories of my own home. Odd, that.

Anyway, one person mentioned that it was a shame there were no "newer" Christmas songs. I told her that there were a bunch of them - they just had to compete with our collective memory of the old favorites.

Number 5 is at Daily Motion - the rest are on a YouTube Playlist...

5. Baby, It's Cold Outside, Buster Poindexter and Sigourney Weaver

"Baby It's Cold Outside" Sigourney Weaver&Buster... by alienfan

4. All I want for Christmas (is You), the Love, Actually version
3. Snoopy's Christmas, The Royal Guardsmen
2. I Believe in Father Christmas, Greg Lake (Emerson, Lake, and Palmer)
1. Christmas Must Be Tonight, The Band

Favorite Movies:

5. Die Hard - Yep. Die Hard. The reason they are at Nakatomi Plaza, the Santa on the Elevator, and "It's Christmas, Theo. It's the time for miracles."
4. The Ref - A cat urine-soaked burglar, an overbearing family matron, and a family in chaos... makes your holiday seem normal and somewhat boring.
3. Scrooged - Hilarious retelling of the old classic. Bob Goulet chased by a gator, Bob Goldthwait with a shotgun in his pocket, and Bob Mitchum kicking a cat are just a few of the highlights in this cameo-filled bit of holiday cheer.
2. Love Actually - Oh, you like cameos? You will love this one. Connections, Relationships, and Forgiveness abound in the inspiration for later holiday-based enseble productions.
1. It's a Wonderful Life - I know. This isn't a new one. In fact, given it's original failure, it is amazing it is still around. Not only is it still around, it has become a classic and has spawned numerous imitations in TV, in movies, and on the stage. My personal favorite was the Stick Figure Theater treatment on MTV's old Liquid Television show (remember Aeon Flux?).

And for all of them in a Playlist:

Now. Stop reading this and go back to your family and friends and give them all a hug and wish them whatever you choose to wish them.

Be good.

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